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Ironman's Top 10 List of Most Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. How much does an average Adventure Retreat cost?  Yes we live on a budget also.  Every retreat is priced slightly different based on how many men are on the retreat, the cost of the logding, bait, etc.  Typical retreats in the past have ranged around $300 - $400 range.  We make every effort to make these trips affordable and encourage churches to sponsor men who may not be able to come otherwise.
  2. Where do these retreats take place?  Ironman Outdoors has put together a network of private Christian landowners who allow us to use their property for a weekend retreat.  While it may be possible to do this kind of retreat on public property, for safety and other reasons we prefer working with private landowers. We have also recently started leasing some properties for our exclusive use which has proven to be very productive.
  3. What is your success rate?  Well that depends on how you measure success.  Ironman Outdoors is not a professional outfitter.  We do our best to put hunters and fishermen in the best possible position to catch a big fish, cooler full of shrimp, large hog, or large deer.  However, we cannot guarantee that you are going to harvest anything on one of our retreats.  But from God's perspective, everytime we help a man connect to Christ we are wildly successful!
  4. How many men can come on a retreat?  After experimenting with this, we have determined 8 men is a minimal number (to cover the cost of the trip) and 15 is about the most men that we can accomodate.  Out of a group of 15 men, we recommend that about 5 of those men be unchurched.
  5. Do you provide insurance?  Yes, hunting and fishing can be dangerous activities.  Safety is primary to everything we do.  Ironman Outdoors has an expensive General Liability insurance policy.  In fact, insurance is our single largest expense in this ministry.  
  6. Do we need to bring our own hunting and fishing gear?  Typically, Team Ironman provides all the necessary treestands, boats, etc.  However, if you have a large group we may request that someone bring an extra boat, etc. to accomodate the larger groups.  And we are always looking for experienced sportsmen to serve as "guides" on these Adventure retreats. 
  7. Who can come on an Ironman Retreat?  Any man age 18 or older is welcome to come on these retreats.  At this time, our insurance policy does not allow any man under age 18 to come on a retreat.  We do require that the group be affiliated with a local church.  And we recommend that out of a group of say 15 men that about 5 of those men be preChristian men.
  8. Do you hunt and fish on Sundays?  We are flexible and can accomodate Friday through Sunday retreats or Thursday through Saturday retreats.  We leave that decision up to the group.
  9. Will I need a license?  Yes, you will need to show up with all the necessary license and permits.  Team Ironman can help you navigate through the game laws to make sure you are 100% legal.   We will tell you in advance of your retreat which licenses that each man needs to have.
  10. How far in advance should I book a retreat?  The sooner the better.  We have a limited number of weekends available during each season for retreats.  Good planning will result in an excellent retreat.  The more time we have to plan the retreat the smoother the weekend will go.
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